Rev. Dr. Metta Nanda’s Vision

I started designing the balm in 2013 as I knew that people were reluctant to apply oil on their bodies. They preferred something easier to apply, which is why I focused on creating this blam.

When I was studying to be an ayurvedic doctor, I heard of the story where Jeevaka, a well known physician in South Asian historic and religious texts used three Blue lotus flowers (Nymphaea nouchali) to cure a bowel syndrome (IBS) Lord Buddha was suffering from. I thought to myself, he has access to many ointments and potions and is known for his ability to treat anybody. Why then, did he offer something so simple as three lotus flowers to Lord Buddha? This is what kept me wondering.

I then realised that medicine should be simple and full of natural ingredients that come together to heal and restore. I wanted to create similar recipes to what the physician Jeevaka used. This is what I did. I experimented with various herbs and flowers for about five years. The products were tested through clinical experiments before the launch of this product.

I became an ayurveda doctor in 2011.

There are many products which we will launch soon. Our future products will include products such as:

Various Balms
Herbal beauty creams
Herbal Tea
Mosquito Repellents